Talking to your
Family Health Provider

Taking an active role in your health care can help you get the best care possible from your doctor. One way to do this is to improve your relationship with your doctor. The following are some tips to help you and your doctor improve your health care together.

Talk to your doctor
Any information about current and past health care issues or concerns will help your doctor during the appointment. It's important to share any information you can, even if you're embarrassed. The following are some things to tell your doctor during the exam:

Ask your doctor questions

Don't be afraid to speak up. It's important for you to let your doctor know if you don’t understand something. If you don’t ask questions, your doctor will think you understand everything he or she has told you. The following are some tips on asking your doctor questions during the exam:

Take information home with you

Taking written or recorded information home with you can help you remember information and instructions any time you need to. Your doctor is a good source of accurate information you can trust. The following are types of information you can take home with you:

Follow up with your doctor

Make sure to follow any instructions your doctor gave you during the appointment, like taking medicine, scheduling a test or scheduling an appointment with a specialist. If you’re confused or if you've forgotten some information,  it's ok to contact your doctor. The following are some common reasons you may need to call your doctor:

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians

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Sample Health Journal

This is an example of a health journal. You can customize your journal to include any information that you want.

Illness/Injury:  Date:

Hospitalizations:  Date:

Surgeries:  Date:


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